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Spectrogard Plus®

If you have any questions with respect to ordering your Spectrogard Plus® 12-month supply scoop pack, please call us at 1-877-842-4827.

Spectrogard Plus® comes in a secure, zip lock bag. It is supplied as a canine-delicious powder treat and a small scoop is included. Sprinkle it on their food once a month.

Dogs 10 kilos or less in weight: one scoop given once a month sprinkled on their food, A full extra scoop for each extra 10 kilos of weight, and you can use partial scoops where appropriate

Each zip lock bad contains 12 scoops of Spectrogard Plus® powder.

The cost for the 12-month supply scoop pack is only $59.

Additional 12-month supply scoop pack $59 each.